pühapäev, 18. november 2007

Mis on mis?

Juhtusin ühes kommentaariumis vaidlema audiofiiliga Saksamaalt. Teemaks definitsioonid. Nagu ikka, algab suurem osa erimeelsusi inimeste vahel samade asjade erinevast defineerimisest :-)

Tulevikus vähemalt High-End ja Audiofiilia teemaliste arusaamatuste vältimiseks panen ka siia üles Wikipedia tõlgenduse eelnimetatuist:

"High-end audio can refer to the build quality of the components, but more specifically, refers to the ability to reproduce a recording with the highest fidelity to the original performance that has been committed to the recording.

Typical qualitative attributes that are scaled by audiophile publications and experts are:

accuracy vs. warmth
tonal color vs. speed
size of sound stage vs. depth (spatial origins)

A theoretically perfect high-end audio system would create the illusion of the listener being present in the performance venue and with the musical performers performing on stage. There would be no sonic signature that imparts any clue as to the fact that the performance is a playback of a recording instead of witnessing a live performance given by the actual musicians in the particular performance venue."

"Audiophiles are people who seek to listen to music at a level of quality as close to the original live performance as possible. They use high-fidelity components to try and attain these goals. Most are music lovers who are passionate about high-quality music reproduction. Some hobbyists build their own equipment, especially loudspeakers".

Siia lõppu sobiks veel ühe Briti audiofiili vägagi tõetruu tõdemus, et "The perfect amplifier is a wire with gain" :-)