esmaspäev, 3. detsember 2007

In fear we trust

Nädalavahetusel jäi näppu Robert Cialdini suht populaarne mõjuõpik "Influence: Science and Practice". Et olen viimasel ajal taolisi retseptiraamatuid vältinud, paelus mu huvi siiski üks katse mida seal kirjeldatakse. Katse läbi nimelt tõestatakse ilusasti ära, et mõju saavutamisel motiveerib inimest enam hirm millestki ilma jääda, kui, et midagi juurde saada. Testgruppides oli mõju erinevus kuni 150%! Nagu autor kirjutab:

"Just think about politics. Utilizing fear is one of the oldest, but still most powerful instruments in the hands of politicians. They don’t just say: “Vote for my party and let’s make this country a better country.” They also say: “Vote for me, because I will protect you from nuclear terrorist attacks.” They say: “Vote for me because this country is at the brink of a depression.” They say: “Vote for me because the enemy is trying to invade.”

Või siis müügitööst meile hästi tuntud taktika:

"Think about the car-salesman. When you picked your car, are negotiationg about the price, chances are pretty good that he will at some point in the negotiation process have some bad news for you: another prospect wants to buy the exact same car. If you are sincerely interested in that car, that puts pressure on you to act more impulsively, because you risk loosing something that you want."

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